Download the exe, if you can! The browser version has a few weird issues that I think are webgl's fault but maybe i'm just making excuses. i am, so sorry.

Controls: Move with the mouse cursor, shoot with the left mouse button. Pause with right mouse button. If you die, you restart from the last encounter.

A game about four cool ladies who escape prison and fight the police. Made for the jam!

One of them is trans. I mostly wanted to make something that was a regular game, and it just happened to have a trans character- something that is incredibly rare, despite how low a bar it is.

The game doesn't tackle issues, in the same way that I don't tackle my friends when they mess up. There's no violently transphobic characters, just a few well meaning friends who make mistakes once or twice. They apologise. It makes things a bit awkward. They could probably try a little harder.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Transgender


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Awkward 18 MB


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Wow! I really really enjoyed this! 


Great game! It has fun dialogues, fun gameplay and fitting music. The bullet hell feels, well, a bit too helish at times? As in "literally no human way except taking some hits" hellish. With a little rebalance I feel like I would have nothing but praise for this game, a job very well done!!!!

ahhh thank you!!


This is a really cool game! I like what you did with the hit bars. (Had to play it on easy mode though because I suck at shooters, haha.) I hope the girls figure out the programming so Chris can talk in the color she wants!

Thank you! Honestly i have trouble with the last couple of fights on normal mode, balancing was one of the things I left to the last minute haha