A downloadable fangame for Windows

There was once a game called "Lovestruck" and, indeed, we all loved it very much. 

This is not that game, but it's trying very hard to look like it.

What this is:

A fangame that takes the settings and characters of Lovestruck and makes original stories with them. These stories won't all be romantic- plenty of them are going to be all about the action or drama, instead.

What this isn't:

Complete. There will be three episodes added (hopefully) every week.

An archival project. Although it might be possible to recreate Lovestruck episodes in my game, it's not what I'm doing.

Important stuff!

If you want to open the game in ren'py's editor to mess with it, I recommend downloading ren'py 7.5.3  instead of ren'py 8.  I made the game in 7.5.3, and have not tested it with ren'py 8.

If you wanna use this game to write your own stories, go for it! If you get in touch with me, I'm even happy to put your story in the game, with credit and such.

I have not and will not accept money for this project. It's up here for free, and donations are disabled.

Please consider downloading this one on the itch app, since I will be updating frequently, and it will save you from having to redownload the entire game every time I fix a typo or something. New episodes will be added over time.

Join the discord to yell at me about bugs and stuff! https://discord.gg/AVNjaXS82u

StatusIn development
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GenreVisual Novel

Install instructions

RECOMMENDED: install the itch app and download the game from there.

Alternatively: Just extract the .zip file and run the .exe

Please keep in mind that the game is still in development, and crashes are possible. Check out the discord if you want to yell at me about bugs!


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